The thermal barrier allows the transportation of goods at two different temperatures, increasing transport possibilities and saving on unit operation in case of partial loading. Our thermal barrier for refrigerated trailers is patented under number PAT.230920. Semiplast specializes in the production of various types of thermal insulation, including typical barriers for refrigerated trailers and others. We also have the capability to produce barriers to specific dimensions. Our product enables the transport of goods at different temperatures (typically extreme), such as very frozen temperatures (even -25°C), along with those sensitive to negative temperatures. Benefits:
  • Possibility of transporting different goods in one trailer.
  • This allows dividing the cargo space into two transport chambers.
  • Additionally, using the barrier with partial loading saves on unit operation and consequently on fuel.

Additionally, the option to purchase an aluminum bar is available.

We produce high-quality customs and standard tarpaulins for various types of trucks, trailers, semitrailers, and containers. For their production, we use materials from well-known and reputable Western companies, high-quality fittings, and equipment that guarantee complete tightness and durability of connections. Our services and products are of the highest quality, with solutions tailored to the requirements and expectations of each customer.
Lightweight tent halls are an excellent alternative to traditional hall construction. They have a dismantlable structure, are easy to assemble and expand, and come with full technical documentation. Used for:
  • Discos
  • Restaurants
  • Exhibition halls
  • Warehouse and industrial halls
  • Promotional halls
  • Car showrooms and car washes
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